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Envoy serves as a true partner to our clients. In order to earn this status, we strive to first know our client's industry and competition, technical environment, and business objectives. It is only then that we can best serve as an ally and resource and are most well-suited to offer the optimal solution to our clients. Emphasis on obtaining the highest quality results is evident in all of Envoy's business processes and philosophies. We believe that Envoy's reputation in the consulting industry stems directly from the quality and performance of our staff. As such, we exercise great care in recruiting, retaining and developing our staff.

Recruiting Process: Recruiting is the very essence of our business, and it is something at which we excel. Envoy does not rely on Internet keyword searches to locate resumes; rather we identify candidates by leveraging our best source--personal referrals from our professional network and from our past working experience with the technicians in our exclusive database of over 50,000 qualified candidates. With this strategy, we are able to identify unique candidates who are passive job seekers. While other firms are sorting through countless downloaded resumes, we are rapidly delivering quality candidates to our clients.

Envoy's recruiting staff meets and interviews all prospective candidates. While this may seem fundamental, many firms do not invest the time and costs associated with conducting a thorough in-person interview process. During each interview, the candidates are screened for professionalism, communication skills, educational credentials and career experience. An inventory of technical skills and strengths is also developed in preparation for Envoy's thorough technical evaluation. Professional references are collected for verification prior to consideration for employment.

Envoy rejects candidates with questionable employment history or motivation for seeking a new opportunity. Envoy hires consultants who are most concerned with a long term business relationship, the technical/ functional aspects of client projects, and the opportunity to contribute to successful efforts.

At Envoy, our time-tested proven recruiting methodology is consistently applied to gain the best results for our clients and candidates.

Consultant Care Program: Envoy recognizes that our employees are our greatest asset, as well as the source and expression of our strength and energy. Envoy's Consultant Care Program is evidence of our commitment to retaining valuable talent and includes the following:

Ethical representation during selection process for project assignments
Orientation session prior to beginning work to ensure quality transition;
Account Manager meets consultants on-site on the first day as a value-added service to both the consultants and the client
Welcome gift presented on the first day of employment
Birthday recognition hand delivered by Envoy
Scheduled project and salary reviews
Envoy team activities and social events
Career Management assistance
On-going support to ensure employee satisfaction
Envoy Optimal Performance Bonus program

Account Management Philosophy: At the core of Envoy's Account Management philosophy is the belief that we need to recognize and respect the value of our clients' time. As such, we strive to make our interactions efficient and valuable. This is accomplished through effective relationships fostering trust, efficient and accurate requirements capture, and submitting only "on point" technical proposals and/or qualified candidate resumes. In addition, Envoy conducts thorough project start-up orientations and provides on-going support for on-site consultants and project teams in order to enhance performance with less time required by client managers.

Performance Optimization: Clients with a team of Envoy consultants employed on site also gain the services of a Service Quality Manager free of charge. This senior IT management professional will provide oversight of Envoy's team, provide performance metrics and measurement reporting to client management, and proactively look for ways in which Envoy can better serve our clients. As a further demonstration of Envoy's commitment, the Service Quality Manager is available 24 x 7 to answer the call of our clients.

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